Update (June 6): Phoenix and Honey!

  • NEW: Phoenix Bird animal! This fiery creature is equal to dragon, and can shoot tornadoes of fire, which attack players!
  • NEW: Bee hives and honey! Bee hives and honeycomb are a great source of XP, but watch out for angry bees that will come out, and sting!
  • NEW: XP dropdown: See exactly how much xp you're gaining (Or losing, from a nasty tail-biter!) (can be turned off in options)
  • -Fixed bugs, tweaked interface sizes on mobile, and 4K monitors

Update (June 2): Another big lag fix

  • We've figured out an issue that makes servers run slow after a while, and fixed it. New content coming within a few days! Check out to test the upcoming game version (may have bugs or restart often!)

Update (May 23): Big lag fix

  • We've worked to make nice and smooth, enjoy! Also, Healing stones give more xp again.

Update (May 13): Invasion Of Birds!

    New Animals:

  • NEW: Ostrich animal! Lays an egg when pressing W, can control the chicks that come out. Ostrich chicks can be damaged by cheetah tier and up, and can damage till rhino tier.
  • NEW: Snowy owl animal! Arctic animal that flies up and pecks his prey
  • NEW: Peregrine falcon animal! The falcon flies up, dives down to its target and then attacks.
  • NEW: Pelican animal! The pelican stores water in its beak and then drops it like a water bomb. Water bomb stops other animals ability
  • NEW: frog animal! Frogs are AI animals (like ducks). When hit they produce slime that makes you slippery. They can be found around rivers.
  • Reskin:

    Buffs and nerfs

  • Predator nerf: a predator bite pushes both animals apart. Predators can’t bite bitten animals for 0.5 seconds after the last bite.
  • Same tier animals (besides drag tier) can no longer kill each other. (Boa can’t kill hippo anymore)
  • Tiger/Sabertooth nerf: speed nerf in waters
  • Black dragon buff: Black dragon can use ability when on fire or stunned. Black dragons are 20% faster in volcano biome. Animals below hippo tier can not kill the black dragon with their ability (they can damage it but not deliver final blow). Black dragon won’t burn on fires spawned from dragon fireballs. Black dragon can eat all killable food (mushroom bush, eggs,..) in one hit.
  • Trex buff: Trex can use ability when it is on fire. Trex won’t drop animals if it is hurt. Ability cooldown has been increased.
  • Yeti buff: Yeti shoots iceballs in fixed directions: 2 from the front and 3 from the back. Cooldown is set to 8 seconds. Yeti can use ability when low on water and the ability does not drain water. Yeti can go on hills (but slow). Yeti snowballs do less damage.
  • Giraffe buff: turning speed while using ability is increased
  • Eagle nerf: Eagle has been moved to rhino tier. Eagles can’t pick preadtors, and won’t stun them. Eagle won’t burn when flying over lava. Eagle doesn’t depend on water anymore when using its ability. There is no health limit anymore to pick up preys.
  • Blue whale nerf: Damage and range of blue whale are now the same as for elephant.
  • Zebra nerf: Damaga is now the same as for donkey.
  • Cobra nerf: cobra speed has been nerfed.
  • Poison nerf: Poisoned animals can now use their ability
  • Shark buff: Shark speed/cooldown/ability duration has been buffed

    Extra features

  • Fire animation has changed, and fire effect as well. Fireballs now spawn a fire on the map. It can be killed by shooting three water balls at it, or it reduces in size and dies off over time.
  • Slime effect: Animals from tier 1-11 are affected by slime. Animals below croc become slippery for 4 seconds and can’t use ability when covered in slime.
  • Eagle ability changes: Animals that are dropped by an eagle now get some velocity (don’t drop straight down). Animals get a 4 seconds immune to fire effect and 4 seconds ability to climb hills after being dropped by an eagle (to prevent lava trolling and trapping)
  • Ability reskin for the bear and polar bear. They now have a paw.
  • Black Dragon skin improved. Wings turn black if Black Dragon looses too much lava. Nostrils give a fearsome effect.
  • Octopus when disguise as an animal, shows 25% health bar and players nick name so it feels like a dying player (lure preys). Also shows the biome effect if disguised.
  • Ducklings and Eggs added again. New AI for Ducks/Ducklings, Ducklings added back. Ducks lay eggs in island. White ducks spawn in Arctic biome.

    Fixed glitches

  • All eagle glitches have been fixed. (ability rework)
  • Tiger glitch: infinite use of ability when using an autoclicker.
  • Hedgehog glitch: Hedgehog doesn’t stun animals anymore when it is taken by an eagle when using ability
  • Giraffe glitch: Giraffe doesn’t stun animals anymore when it is taken by an eagle when using ability
  • Black dragon boost glitch is fixed.
  • Mole glitch: mole is not invisible anymore under an island in a lake. Moles don’t get hit anymore by abilities when they are underground.
  • Rabbit glitch: rabbit can’t use its ability anymore to eat mushroom bushes
  • Pig glitch: pig can’t use its fart anymore to eat mushroom bushes
  • Octopus health doesnt show anymore when it is in food disguise.

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