Update(Oct 8)

  • -fixed several bugs

Update(Oct 6) 2 NEW GAME MODES!

  • NEW: Battle Royale Mode:

  • -In This mode, there is a timed game, everyone starts at the same time, as a lowest lvl animal and rushes to grow big
  • -last player alive wins! Then the game resets
  • -there is a heatwave that hurts your animal if you're in it- it pushes all players to one area
  • -peppers make you immune to heatwave (for 6s)
  • -dead players can watch the game till it ends, as a 'ghost' animal!

  • NEW: Teams game mode:
  • -You are put in a color team on spawn
  • -You can't eat your own color, capture all the colored stones for xp boost!
  • -Tail-biting team member burns you
  • -NEW: 1v1 Arena mode (in team/ffa modes only), Apex tiers (dragon,trex etc) can challenge others to a 1 on 1 battle to the death! Winner gets 50k Bonus XP. All time top 1v1 player is displayed on server
  • -New: stats screen at the end!
  • -New: Geese in lakes! They're agressive (chases prey)
  • -New: spicy peppers, eat them to speed up!
  • -New: Big cat species at Cheetah (Jaguar/Black Panther/Leopard) each with some extra skills

Update (Aug 1):

  • Fixed upgrade message bugs
  • New stuff coming soon!

Update (June 19):

  • New: Toucan bird with 5 species
  • Toucans can throw fruit upon landing- start your flight from a fruit tree or bush.
  • Toucans spawn as a random species (color), can sometimes (rare!) spawn as a lava toucan!
  • Each Toucan species has unique properties- (Rare Lava Toucan is immune to lava and can throw fireballs as extra skills!)
  • New: Pigeon bird with 2 species
  • Rarely, pigeons, (and one other animal) can spawn white-colored, and have improved skills!
  • Fixed: 2x XP gain on bite/killing animals
  • Fixed bugs, tweaked interface buttons on mobile

Update (June 6): Phoenix Update

  • New: Phoenix - The Fire Bird

    Phoenix is the Apex tier animal. Drinks lava, shoots Fire Tornados to burn enemies alive. Phoenix is good on muds/lands and has same boost as Ostrich. But its very slow in waters.
  • New: Fire Tornado

    Shoots fireballs every 2s to animals near it. It swirl slowly around and tend to get close to animals to shoot perfectly. Can be killed if shot water directly or goes inside any water body!
  • New: Honeybee & Beehive

    On touching beehives, honeybees spawn and chase the offender to sting them.

Bug fixing:

  • Nerf: Hedgehog Quills wont hurt 2 tiers higher predators. (BD is safe again!)
  • Fixed: Hedgehog wasnt shooting quills.
  • Fixed: Mole, Turtle charge bug.


  • New: Ostrich can command babies to bite killable foods and give xp to mommy (also heal mommy from healing stone)
  • New: Apex tier can 1v1 with each other with respect to their biomes.

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