Feb 17: Bug fixes 2

  • We fixed most issues from the last update- fixed 0xp respawn, teleporting bugs, abilities not working on stunned animals, and other bugs

Feb 11: Bug fixes and Balancing Update

  • With the coming desert update over 60% ready, we meanwhile pushed these fixes:

  • FIXED:
  • Eagle won't boost after ability use
  • Eagle biting prey if it holds animal in claws
  • Golden Eagle dying if picks predator
  • Prey dies if Eagle picks prey
  • Prey could be bitten if falling
  • Eagle grabbing animals underwater
  • Woodpecker and Peacock could stun animals underwater
  • Macaw, Yeti and Octopus outlines visible when disguising
  • Abilities (like bee sting, cassowary, woodpecker, tiger) wont hit animals if diving underwater except Flamingo.
  • Macaw disguise showing double outline and tail if comes out of hiding hole.
  • Woodpecker can now peck animals only for 1 hit
  • Dino Monster hits only prey/predator. Animals that it couldt eat get pushed away.
  • If Trex grabs an animal Dino Monster could hit the victim, making it fly extremely far.
  • Non-climbing animals climbing hill/rock if won 1v1 battles.
  • All animals could climb hill/rock when in 1v1 arena.
  • Sea Monster gets air stun on upgrade
  • -new: all rare animals have more health.
  • -new: All lava dependant animals drink lava from lava lake, regen lava/health from healing stone, drain lava if boosting/walking and are immune to lava lake fire
  • -new: Animals don't lose water if in 1v1 arena. However, boosting still drains water.
  • -misc: switched tier for pig with mole

  • BUFFS:
  • Hippo water speed buffed.
  • Cobra fast in mud
  • Lava Toucan drinks lava, shoot fireballs instead of water (take 20-lava), immune to lava lake fireballs
  • improved chances for Golden Eagle.
  • Trex can grab apex animals from underwater
  • Dino Monster damage/speed increased
  • Eagle can fly if it doesn't grab a prey.
  • Animals dropped by Golden Eagle they are no longer immune to lava or hills.
  • Yeti has better ice-grip

  • NERFS:
  • Cassowary gets stun for 2s and knocked back if hits rock/hill or goes in hiding hole while charging.
  • Sea Monster loses air when creates whirlpool
  • Tiger and Sabre-toothed Tiger speed in water nerfed
  • Ice Monster's ability recharge increased to 3s.
  • Ice Monster damage to prey reduced
  • Sea monster loses air if boosting
  • Woodpecker inflicts slight damage to prey but stuns for longer duration
  • Peacock pull removed, it only stuns prey.

Jan 30:

  • -cassowary was nerfed, chickens can spit water on right-click

Jan 2:

  • -woodpecker was nerfed, weaker against animals it can't eat
  • Dec 23: 6 New Birds!

  • -animals that fly can now bite each other when both are in the air!
  • -animals that fly now can't fly for at least 1s when recently hurt (making it hard to instantly fly away from predators)
  • NEW bird: Chicken: same as mouse but runs away when you get hurt
  • NEW bird: Woodpecker: continually pecks, causing good damage to all animals (prey/predators) Also flies from hills.
  • NEW bird: Peacock! Hold W to open it's tail, which hypnotizes animals (pulls in prey, pushes away predators) Also flies from hills.
  • NEW bird: Cassowary
  • Hold W to charge up a powerful kick, the longer you hold (up to 3 seconds) and the faster you move the harder it hits!
  • NEW bird: Macaw
  • When on a hill, hold W to transform into random animals (Macaws mimic animal noises)! In the ocean, it will turn into ocean animals. Also, macaw flies
  • Blue macaw is rarer, flies faster, and always mimics ocean animals
  • NEW bird: Flamingo! Hold W in water to dig up food underwater, flamingo will pull up any animals that are underwater near it, ending their dive!
  • lakes improvements:
  • -2x more lillypads + eggs xp boost helping make lakes more useful
  • -chili peppers/ duck eggs are now higher level food, give more xp
  • -find christmas candy instead of duck eggs (in lakes)
  • -higher hier animals can't eat berries (very low xp, leaves more for lower levels)

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