Jan 20: hi-fi update

  • All game servers are now hi-fi servers :)

Jan 19: crash fix

  • -fix: fixed crashes on paris1/paris2/seatle/turkey
  • -misc: old viewing player count is back

Jan 18: fixes

  • -fix: xp-glitch for higher tiers when they kill lower tiers
  • -new: if there are more than 350 players, game gives 66% kill xp, between 1-350 players gives 55-90% (higher the players higher the percentage)

Jan 18: Xp Buff

  • -buff: new system for xp buff for low crowded servers. 1-150 players, game gives upto 2.5x xp boost upon eating any food. Lower the player count greater the XP
  • -buff: new system for KILL xp buff for crowded servers. between 150-350 players, game gives upto 90% or 15mn (which ever is lower) kill xp of the dying player
  • -buff: Conch Shell/Cactus/Mushroom Bush edible from +10 tiers
  • -buff: Conch Shell/Mushroom Bush are now High-XP foods
  • -buff: Mushroom Bush now spawn across Arctic and Land
  • -buff: Mushroom Bush spawn rate increased on land
  • -buff: Cactus spawn rate increased in desert
  • -buff: Cactus inflicts bleed/damage/stun effects 1/10 chances

Jan 16: Hi-fi servers & fixes

  • -upgrade: new hi-fi servers upgrade for chicago1, dallas1, la1, la2, ny1, ny2, seol1, tokyo1, china1
  • -note: remaining servers will be upgraded soon
  • -buff: Bald Eagle can dive in water
  • -nerf: Golden Eagle dive in water disabled
  • -buff: Honeybee can sting upto monsters (give 0.2hp damage) and gives 0.4hp dmg to 15 or lower tier
  • -fix: Honeycomb going under rocks
  • -fix: Gazelle going under rocks/hills when using ability

Jan 15: food xp buff

  • -buff: food-xp rebuffed across all biomes. It's complex cant explain how much is it but I can say, its 234903249238490 times better now!

Jan 15: fixes

  • -buff: Golden Eagle chances revised to 28/5000
  • -buff: All Eagles except Bald Eagle can dive in waters, Golden Eagle dives for 7s, Shahbaz for 10s and Golden Shahbaz for 15s
  • -buff: Shahbaz can climb on rocks
  • -nerf: Food xp across all biomes nerfed, OP xp in desert lived for too long. Now we are back to hunt and survive gameplay. Some might find it a bruh moment, but yea we are now looking back to bring the pre-desert gameplay back
  • -nerf: reduced number of objects spawning across map. previously we had +12k objects mostly food and they despawn over time. Too many objects keep CPU busy for no reason. Now we have reduced game objects down to 55%
  • -buff: Aqua Yeti damage is 50% on both Prey/Predators
  • -fix: BD/KD max-health doesnt reset when they come out of Arena
  • -fix: Ostrich babies cant go in caves along with mommy
  • -fix: Pterodactyl can't land on Igloos
  • -fix: BD/LM xp/coin glitch with arena/upgrade
  • -fix: BD unable to on-shot kill ostrich babies
  • -fix: Caves in rivers make animals show out of water resulting in water/dive ability loss
  • -fix: Cassowary able to hit animals when ability active and going in hole and come out to hit outside players
  • -fix: Paid animals kill-bounty abuse for 500 coins. Now there they get coins 30-minutes apart from same guy
  • -fix: BD/KD max-health doesnt reset when they come out of Arena
  • -new: Hiding holes in arctic biome are recolored to match the biome
  • -new: 5s delay when you click on PLAY button (avoids spam-click)
  • -removed: Christmas food/trees removed
  • -removed: removed extra servers to increase concentration on their regions, now multi server regions will have max 2 servers except Asia where listed servers represent their countries
  • -note: officially announcing High Performance servers which are: chicago2, brazil1, paris1, paris2, miami2, sydney1, dallas2 and turkey1
  • -note: remaining servers will be upgraded to High Performance servers during next 2-3 days
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